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The Store


The Assignment

We’ve worked for the store before. Usually its just doing a photoshoot to gather pictures for their social media but this visit had some extra work. Due to Corona people got confused about them being open or not so we made a couple of signs to make it clear what the state of business was.


I like to start working in Illustrator for these kind of things and just fill out a document with ideas i have. Here are some for the signs.

I wanted to make a sign that was visible but subtle and fit the existing style. The best ones in my opinion are the black signs since those fit the best with the company’s style


The Designs


Pictures for social media, these were made the same day we went to The Store to measure up the signs size’s

Takeaway signs

Let the people know you are still available. We settled on this design. Easy to read cause of the big and thick font used.

Custom Designs

Functional app for people attending the festival with list of artists, stories, full map and more.


Print Designs

Get your message fit for a custom print design.

This is the end result of the signs, we hung them up the same day they were printed. The locations of the signs were decided carefully so that people walking by can clearly see them.

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