Kerk in Westerwatering


The Assignment

A local church know as “Kerk in Westerwatering” Approached me for a total redesign of their logo’s and website. They wanted something fresh and modern so the website would stay relevant for years to come.

Since the website was pretty small in static content, the pages thad needed to be made weren’t that complicated. For dynamic content they wanted to have a calender and a news page. 

In total this added up to 5 pages that needed to be designed and a blog / news post templates

The Designs


The logo’s were for Kerk in Westerwatering itself and for their ‘sub’  division which is focused on kids.

The designs are still recognizable as a united company but have their diverences accordingly to their function

The website

As said before, the website consists of 5 pages total and a template for the calendar and news posts.


Homepage includes a slide show of shots from the area around the church. Also a timer for their next meeting and some buttons that guide to other pages.



Menu uses some simple animations to spice things up.

Custom Designs

Functional app for people attending the festival with list of artists, stories, full map and more.


Print Designs

Get your message fit for a custom print design.

This is the end result of the signs, we hung them up the same day they were printed. The locations of the signs were decided carefully so that people walking by can clearly see them.

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