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About me

I’m a fresh graduate from Mediacollege Amsterdam getting started as a freelance graphic designer. I built up my experience and knowledge through various jobs i acquired via my education and network.

I prefer to think along with my clients and ask them for input so they can put themselves into their designs and express what they are about. Having an idea is one thing but to make it presentable there needs to be some sort of design process behind it.

Thats what i’m here to offer. Simple cooperation with my clients and an excellent end product as result. Wether its a website, poster, business card or signing i always put the wishes of my clients first

What can i do for you?


Whenever a client comes to me with a project the first thing we need to do is establish a concept. I need to know what my client wants before i can begin making anything because it has to be something that we both would be happy with presenting to the world


Need a new menu for your restaurant? Or a website for your new company? No problem. Contact me about your project and we’ll get in touch soon after to schedule a meeting and discuss to find out exactly what you need.


Because i have allot of experience in working with computers and systems i am very much open to offering my knowledge to my clients. Meaning if you are having trouble with your website or other digital products i can resolve issues and even create guides on how to work with them.

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Festival Branding
Photography & Signing

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Check out my full portfolio on my work page.

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