About Me

Who am i?

I’m a fresh graduate from Mediacollege Amsterdam getting started as a freelance graphic designer. I built up my experience and knowledge through various jobs i acquired via my education and network.

I prefer to think along with my clients and ask them for input so they can put themselves into their designs and express what they are about. Having an idea is one thing but to make it presentable there needs to be some sort of design process behind it.

Thats what i’m here to offer. Simple cooperation with my clients and an excellent end product as result. Wether its a website, poster, business card or signing i always put the wishes of my clients first

My Services

Logo Design

Have the logo that describes your companty perfectly. The logo is the most memorable part of your company


Show your business to the world! Let the people know what you’re about through Shirts, Stickers, Banners, Posters and more!

Web Design

Reach millions of people through the magic of the World Wide Web. A good site can impress many people.


Not sure what you need but want some help with reaching more people? I can help you right on your way to success!

My Services

I grew up (and still live) near Zaandam. Its a small city compared to Amsterdam which is right beside it. I think Zaandam gets a bad rep even though its where i met some awesome people

The most important thing in my life is music, It just so universal. I play guitar whenever i can to relax and have some fun.


I started with just drawing in my work books at primary school and developed to photoshop once i got into High School for my art class. I always enjoyed creating and quickly learned its something that can be used to help other people realise their ideas.

Creative Perspective

I learned that having a second person’s look on things can be a total game changer. Even when you think something is not able to be improved there always is a fresh perspective that might be able to change that.

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